Ideas for a tasty crab feast your guests won’t ever forget

Have you ever hosted a hearty meal with friends where you feasted on spicy grilled Dungeness crab, shell-on shrimp, some herby salad, chorizo, and potato salad? While hosting a crab feast for lunch and dinner can sound intimidating, you can ace this test and be the hostess with the tastiest.
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A crab feast party is a particularly wonderful casual backyard affair, with the planning and preparation as simple as it can get. It’s about showcasing fresh steamed and well-seasoned crabs, where you combine the star of the show with a one-pot shrimp boil along with a couple of traditional trimmings and sides.

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Make sure to steam the crabs well. Fill a large pot with water, and place a steamer rack inside. Bring to a boil over medium, and place some three crabs on the rack in an even layer with their belly side down. Place the remaining crabs on top. Sprinkle these babies with two tablespoons of Old Bay, and steam for 25 to 30 minutes. They’re likely done once yellowish, white fat has steamed out. After removing the crabs to a platter, sprinkle them with remaining Old Bay and dry mustard.

There are so many sides to choose from, including carrot salad, corn on the cob, pickled cucumber salad, and coleslaw and fries. For condiments, you can go au naturel or have the crabs with an assortment of sauces, including tartar sauce, remoulade, cocktail sauce, sriracha sauce, and lemon wedges.

Don’t forget to line the table with newspaper before displaying the bountiful feast down the center. Who says it has to be summer to get a crab party going? No one ever, as far as the seafood lover in us is concerned!

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