A jerk snapper recipe that can save your dinner

Whole fish can be quite intimidating to cook, according to cooking aficionado and lifestyle blogger Candice Horbacz. People tend to think that it’s a lot of work in the kitchen, and they can easily be freaked out by its size and the whole task of cleaning and preparing the dish ahead. Here’s a non-intimidating – and actually quite tasty – jerk snapper recipe you can try for your next lovely dinner at home.

The first thing to remember about shopping for whole fish is knowing the right characteristics to look for, namely clear and bright eyes and bright gills. Ask the fish seller to clean the fish but leave the head on for your feast later on.

Pat the whole fish dry, both inside and out, and then make three to four vertical slits along the top. This will help facilitate proper seasoning as well as even cooking. Season your jerk snapper with a generous amount of sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, garlic, lemon slices (put them inside the cavity), and a jerk paste that you can get from th…

Avocado toast ideas for that perfect date night

February is the official month of love, and it’s marked by special candlelit dinners, delightful floral bouquets, and sweet nothings shared with that special someone. But who says you can’t cook up a storm in the kitchen and profess your love with a healthy brunch or dinner treat in the form of avocado toast? Here are some romantic ideas straight from the love-filled kitchen of Candice Horbacz.

Nice and naughty avocado toast
How about avocado toast with chili oil and fried (pasture-raised) eggs? It’s easy to whip up, and basically what you can have every morning. But it showcases avocado combined with the kick of chili and texture of fried egg, something that can excite and warm your lover’s heart in one go.

Smashed avocado toast
Take your toast up a notch with a hard-boiled egg, lemon, flaky salt, and pepper, and let the avocado work its magic on your bread of choice. Since it’s the star of the show, make sure your avocado is ripe – not underripe or brown. The egg adds some protein pun…

Ideas for a tasty crab feast your guests won’t ever forget

Have you ever hosted a hearty meal with friends where you feasted on spicy grilled Dungeness crab, shell-on shrimp, some herby salad, chorizo, and potato salad? While hosting a crab feast for lunch and dinner can sound intimidating, you can ace this test and be the hostess with the tastiest.

A crab feast party is a particularly wonderful casual backyard affair, with the planning and preparation as simple as it can get. It’s about showcasing fresh steamed and well-seasoned crabs, where you combine the star of the show with a one-pot shrimp boil along with a couple of traditional trimmings and sides.

Make sure to steam the crabs well. Fill a large pot with water, and place a steamer rack inside. Bring to a boil over medium, and place some three crabs on the rack in an even layer with their belly side down. Place the remaining crabs on top. Sprinkle these babies with two tablespoons of Old Bay, and steam for 25 to 30 minutes. They’re likely done once yellowish, white fat has steamed out.…

The therapeutic appeal of cooking

There are days that don’t go exactly as planned. They are more often than not filled with anxious, stress-inducing episodes. Normally, people who go through these days come home tired, weak, and irritable. And while there are a number of stress-relieving tech-niques out there, not many are quite as rewarding as cooking.
 Cooking can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding hobbies. Learning the art first can take a bit of time, but once a person is prepared, the whole endeavor can be as relax-ing as say, a day on the beach. It can be done at a leisurely pace, where one can learn as well as execute simple instructions. Cooking can calm the mind by leading it away from any thoughts of a hard day at work. The smell of the food alone, provides natural aroma-therapy that causes the body to relax more.

The person cooking has complete control of the outcome of the activity, since cooking a meal can lead to several favorable results. Experimenting with different kinds of ingredi-ents can a…

The holidays are here: Gift ideas for her

The holidays are here and for those of you who still have yet to buy the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, below is a list of some of the best gifts out there today for that special woman in your life.

Skin care: Every woman appreciates good skin care products – and it doesn’t get any better than the Luminous Melting Cleanser and the Exfoliating Instant Facial from Goop by Juice Beauty. The cleanser removes dirt and makeup and keeps skin incredibly moisturized and glowing, while the instant facial brings a brightness to the skin via natural acids that eliminate dead skin cells.

The Rockstud leather pump: This 100mm leather pump by Valentino Garavani is made of smooth calf leather and features a Rockstuds trim collar. Made in Italy, it also has a 4” covered heel and pointed toe, with a smooth outsole. However, Garavani shoes are a bit small, so best to order a-half size bigger.

An everyday bag like no other: This Italian-made Marcie medium satchel bag is the stuff a woman’s dreams…