The therapeutic appeal of cooking

There are days that don’t go exactly as planned. They are more often than not filled with anxious, stress-inducing episodes. Normally, people who go through these days come home tired, weak, and irritable. And while there are a number of stress-relieving tech-niques out there, not many are quite as rewarding as cooking.
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 Cooking can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding hobbies. Learning the art first can take a bit of time, but once a person is prepared, the whole endeavor can be as relax-ing as say, a day on the beach. It can be done at a leisurely pace, where one can learn as well as execute simple instructions. Cooking can calm the mind by leading it away from any thoughts of a hard day at work. The smell of the food alone, provides natural aroma-therapy that causes the body to relax more.

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The person cooking has complete control of the outcome of the activity, since cooking a meal can lead to several favorable results. Experimenting with different kinds of ingredi-ents can also be a source of joy, especially when one finds the combination that suits his taste more than anything else. As such, cooking can foster a person’s creativity much like painting and writing, through experimentation.

And this all leads to the final result, which is the creation of a meal. This overwhelming feeling of achievement is the icing on the cake, so to speak.

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