Avocado toast ideas for that perfect date night

February is the official month of love, and it’s marked by special candlelit dinners, delightful floral bouquets, and sweet nothings shared with that special someone. But who says you can’t cook up a storm in the kitchen and profess your love with a healthy brunch or dinner treat in the form of avocado toast? Here are some romantic ideas straight from the love-filled kitchen of Candice Horbacz.
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Nice and naughty avocado toast
How about avocado toast with chili oil and fried (pasture-raised) eggs? It’s easy to whip up, and basically what you can have every morning. But it showcases avocado combined with the kick of chili and texture of fried egg, something that can excite and warm your lover’s heart in one go.

Smashed avocado toast
Take your toast up a notch with a hard-boiled egg, lemon, flaky salt, and pepper, and let the avocado work its magic on your bread of choice. Since it’s the star of the show, make sure your avocado is ripe – not underripe or brown. The egg adds some protein punch, the lemon enriches the overall taste, and the pepper (could be something like Togarashi spice blend) makes the whole thing simply sexier.

Apple pie avocado toast with date caramel
Love is all sorts of sweet things bursting in your mouth, so try giving your avocado toast a delightful treat filled with apple pie flavor. Candice Horbacz also likes her avocado fare sweet, so she’s fond of layering her trusty smashed avocado, apple slices, data caramel, and some pecans. Enjoy it for your breakfast, snack, or dessert date!

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